Sales Enablement

Optimise sales productivity while delighting your customers

Cultivating highly effective sales teams is crucial, particularly in a challenging economic climate. It’s more important than ever to have clarity on how to optimise daily activities for maximum return whilst maintaining a customer-centric mindset. Maintaining the expected productivity levels is a challenge with rising quotas, attrition, re-structures and unpredictable market conditions. I offer this tried and tested three step approach. 

3-Step approach


Establish which Sales Velocity metrics need focus and how your sales team needs to impact them. Where are the skill gaps? What needs to change? Create a realistic strategy that will drive the greatest sustainable change. Create understanding around what Sales Excellence looks like at your organisation


What sales skills need to be introduced or optimised? Implement learning interventions that are engaging and purposeful.


Behaviour and mindset change is the key. Ensure that learning translates to sustainable adoption and increased productivity with your customer’s needs front and centre.

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