Hello, I’m Carina.

I would love to share a bit about myself and the work I do.


I began in the dynamic world of Sales, where I had the privilege of working with media and technology organisations, ranging from global market leaders to ambitious start-ups. Each step along the way allowed me to refine my skills and evolve both personally and professionally. With a collective experience of 15 years in Sales, 8 years in Sales Enablement, and 6 years as a qualified Executive Coach, I’ve learned invaluable lessons from both my successes and failures, continuously fostering my resilience and growth mindset.


Throughout my journey, I developed an unwavering passion for supporting fellow professionals in a way that I often wished was available to me earlier in my career. From my perspective, organizations miss out on a vast pool of untapped talent simply because the necessary support mechanisms are not in place. I firmly believe that nurturing and developing individuals is an invaluable investment, one that yields substantial returns when approached consistently.

My Goal

Driven by a desire to be part of the change I envisioned, I have decided to leverage my portfolio of skills and experiences to offer Coaching and Sales Enablement Consultancy. My goal is to empower individuals and teams to drive growth and enhance productivity. I have witnessed first-hand the transformative impact that coaching and enablement can have on professional journeys, and I’m dedicated to making a positive difference in your own path.

I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to work with you, supporting your professional journey and helping you unlock your full potential.

About Coach Carina Whitely


Successful work completed with:

- AOL/Oath Sales Team – EMEA & Brazil
- Microsoft Sales Team-EMEA & Brazil
- LinkedIn Sales & Leadership Team- Global


- Executive Coaching Practitioner Diploma accredited by ICF, EMCC and AC
- Award in Learning & Development Essentials accredited by CIPD
- Catalyst Leadership Development Program Alumni accredited by the Diversity Practice


Global Sales Productivity and Growth Mindset Award 2021- LinkedIn

"Don't ever make decisions based on fear, make decisions based on hope and possibility"

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